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Stainless Steel Profiled Bar Stools and Profiles

Stainless Steel Profiled Bar Stools and Profiles

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Stainless Steel Profiled Bar Stools and Profiles Introduction:

Deformed steel is a type of complex and special section steel, different from simple section steel. According to the different process, Deformed steel can be divided into hot rolled deformed steel, cold drawn (cold drawn) deformed steel, cold bend profiled steel, deformed steel welding, etc. Usually being deformed steel hot rolled deformed steel.

Steel is steel four varieties (type, wire, plate, pipe), one is a widely used steel. According to the cross section shape, simple section steel steel points and complex or special section steel (steel). The former is characteristic of its cross-sectional arbitrary point on the periphery that do the tangent generally does not pay in cross section. Such as: square steel, round steel, flat steel, Angle steel, six Angle steel, etc.

Common deformed steel hot-rolled steel frames, plough share, automobile wheel ring with hot rolled section steel, steel track plate with hot rolled section steel, auto wheel rim with hot rolled section steel, steel, shipbuilding ball flat steel, steel cable, scraper, steel and so on.

Packaging is one of the best services of us, in order to prevent the damage during transportation, our finished products are packaged carefully by kraft paper then bundled with steel strip,wood pallet, also special requirements of customers are also accepted. 

All of our stainless steel products will be transported by wooden pallets. Customers will be guaranteed that the product they received from us can go directly into use or send out to the customers as finished product.

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